What it is


For the past ten years, this "grass roots" movement generates excitement in the surrounding community for the upcoming football season and creates new fans. The event is always free to the public, and you are invited to join other BULLS fans to watch last season's video highlights, play games, and win prizes. Though Coach Charlie Strong will be in attendance, and other surprises are on tap, you really never know who may show up.

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A Little History


It started as a joke between a few friends on how we could get the BULLS football highlight tape to watch in the off-season. This idea however started to gain popularity between the truly insane BULLS fanatics out there so we decided to have a party at the same place we watch the BULLS during football season watch parties (Capogna's Dugout). We had some friends who worked in the Athletic Department (to get the tape) and since we would watch it in the summer It turned into the " Preseason Tailgate". The little party of friends turned into an annual event that has seen thousands of BULLS fans over the years (we've had people drive from Orlando and Fort Myers before, even fly in from other states.) Every year I invite The Head Coach of USF football to come out and speak and take questions about the upcoming season. Capogna's has food and drink specials and lets me sell beer mugs for $10 that they fill for $3 (believe me you'll like them). In the past we've had reps from Bulls Club, Season Ticket sales, and USF Alumni. We've had the Herd of Thunder, Cheerleaders and Sundolls, Rocky, Ex football players (and others), We've had a book signing from ex B-Ball player Tony Grier, We play games, Give away prizes,and generally have a good time celebrating the USF BULLS.

So this party is for all of us, the fans, and it will ALWAYS be free to the public. I hate the concept of charging people money so they can participate in what everyone in Florida should be celebrating anyway the USF BULLS ! As always, if there is anyone out there who wants to help set up the event, If you'd like to take pictures or video (to broadcast over the web), if you're a BULLS fan who wants to party, or might have BULLS related Merchandise to sell (compliance-based), or knows a BULL-friendly business who would like to offer discounts for BULLS fans, I will never charge anyone to show up. (but you can always buy a mug if you want one...LOL)


Thanks to everyone, especially, Swamprat. He is a good friend who bleeds Green and Gold. Brad, who is the king of www.thebullspen.com and BDYZR who always carries the torch for BULLS COUNTRY !!!

Enthusiasm is contagious people, Clear your calendars and let's do this... -Mutt